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The Abundant Path
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Imagine an ethentic meaning of the word
David Venegas the host of the Sound Epistemology channel also regularly asks his Facebook followers questions.

One of his inquiries was unique and got me thinking. "What’s the second most likely true religion and why?" Of course people ask what religion is most likely true and even the least likely true but which is the second ...

What do you see?
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Look Past What Others See

This year I started watching videos on Poetry before I attempted to write my own. One of my favorites was by Peter Dale Wimbrow. He states that no matter how much fame or acclaim is achieved you ultimately have to look at yourself in the mirror and determine what it is that success ultimately means. How often do we measure it by how many likes, views ...

Boy writing ideas for next great video.
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Rethinking media definitions

I hesitated on whether to call this project a book. If someone wanted to be particularly strict they could say that the six chapters which each comes out to approximately four pages is far too concise to count. Maybe the right term should be a “book in process.” That way if it expands to nine, ten or eleven chapters it may justify that title.

I ...