I've been working on this blog for a year. The articles for it started in April 2023 not long after the main site came together. That allowed a good amount of time for it to grow.

With so many posts it might be easier to search for writings by category now. This is the reason I started writing here over a social site, you can search related articles easily.

Boxes full of Slow Productivity books
What would have been my view from the auditorium we performed in.
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A Further Retreading that I Feel is Important

I brought up in a prior writing that I've been thinking more about the community I was raised in and their way of spreading beliefs. (The Hidden Process of Belief) At this same time I went back to this local high school to watch their games. This was a return to this building ...

Man down in the dumps.
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This video has so many important things to keep in mind. I'll come back to it as I stay laser focused on getting my new website going. That is one of the goals of this blog for me. I want it to work as inspiration that I can come back to. Teegan Fitzgerald: How to Ruin Your Life

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There is a saying that goes something like that. Although when I looked it up I found there are a number of variations on it. The way the reasoning goes is if you aim for some extravagant goal and fall short of it you will still end up far since a little off from the ideal is still quite an achievement.

This site got to be so far beyond what ...

Some Thumbnails of UI YouTube Videos
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The Online Communities Thoughts

I found many thought provoking videos on my chosen field the last couple months. It is good to get this perspective from people who spend more time on the business side of web design. I'll need to start thinking about it more as a business in 2024.

This list ...

Overview of the Santa Cruz Waterfront
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My Spring Release of Site Number Three and

Last night I went to a Pedro the Lion show. The song-writer spent some time talking about the next edition in his series on growing up albums. In this part of the story he is moving from Havasu, Arizona to Santa Cruz, CA which is the name of the next album, Santa Cruz. I was fortunate enough to hear one track called Modesto from it! The lyrics talk ...

Hand drawn text which says inky
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I'm building up a long series of posts as this site has become more mature. This is the advantage of having a bit more free time. As the number of ideas as grown from my usual one post or two posts being written concurrently to ten articles I've had to think which subject matter do I want to prioritize.

There are many subjects that I could ...

Roosevelt High School Assembly Room
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Is maximizing your thought process or life in itself more important?

I watched this video from Pursuit of Wonder about a Philosophy professor. He needed to undergo a surgery or he would risk a high chance of getting killed by his emerging mental ailments. If he chose to go forward with the operation the front ...