Hand drawn text which says inky


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I'm building up a long series of posts as this site has become more mature. This is the advantage of having a bit more free time. As the number of ideas as grown from my usual one post or two posts being written concurrently to ten articles I've had to think which subject matter do I want to prioritize.

There are many subjects that I could pour my time into and would provide a perspective which isn't widely circulating in discussions. I've thought about this for some time. As the list grows it gives me opportunity to pass ideas back and forth and build a stronger set of work. Yesterday I passed by some of the poems I was writing on middle school. Not necessarily important to the broader audience but they open up a way of connecting written word and groups of type like nothing else I am working on.

The image here was a drawing which I did between games at the State Water Polo Championships in Tacoma. I had something going on with the color black. This image set me off on drawing the titles for each poem. I really like the drip in the letter "y." Some of the later ones I wasn't as happy with. That struggle is something I can enjoy. The type which I have for a newer poem really isn't working right now but its not an all out failure. It has ideas which can connect if tweaked enough times.

So this comes back to the question why? The career I started in college began in design, not writing. In fact I did more writing in high school, middle school, and elementary then in college. The art and design classes I was taking just didn't require very much language arts. The shift away from that may be that I might not have had much to say at that time. I didn't have a chance to think on my own until once I left really.

I didn't meditate at all. That is shocking to me now. What I mean by that is how could I go to school for so long in the west and not know the basics of how to use your mind? The best way I could cope with my own thoughts in the most mindful way I was capable of was by taking photography classes. This allowed me to venture out of the classroom on assignment and not be bombarded by the thoughts of others.

That seems strange to me now. There was few outlets to pour my ideas into? I started a private journal years later but wow that seems strange now. I guess the primary thoughts were how do I start a business? There was little at the time I put that much thought into. Of course business concerns and transitioning to being independent should be a focus as I build skills that can be used for jobs. Looking back it shouldn't have had quite as high of a focus as education but still they should have been up there in the top few spots.

Anyways... all that to say I am really enjoying returning back to my first love which is design, typography, UI and drawing and how to be creative in those formats. Even if I have more important things to write about. It feels like where I should be at. It is coming full circle. Why is the path has to be so long? The writings for "Inky" I plan on being the opening pages for a new URL that is another reason I want it to be more of a focus now. That is going to be my Spring project, splitting this rapidly growing website into two.