A Sunshower with a faint rainbow


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The start of this New Year feels like a sunshower to me. I don't hear that term much, sunshower, the phenomenon seems like it doesn't happen too much. It is not all that often that it rains while the sun is still out. The Chris Cornell song of that title returned to my mind as I was processing titles for what to call the second half of this site as I split it into two. The first half became more heavy then I really planned on it being. I am looking forward the cathartic result that comes with not having to work that way.

The song that might stand out as the best candidate to me is the Foo Fighter anthem with the chorus "Learning to Walk Again" (titled Walk.) On the way out of their concert a fan asked me what my favorite song from the night was. I love that one. To me it sounds like someone not only getting on with their life or trying to cope but finding purpose through reexamining previous steps and the best way to forge forward at that stage. I suppose a more specific title word could be "relearning" maybe. When I hear the word "again" my take is that you are redoing something. That is what you are doing by learning something again right? Relearning?

What happens when you relearn? Sometimes you reprocess exactly the same info. If you need a refresher on what you learned before. When you relearn a language, for an example, I would say that is mostly what you are doing. The type of relearning I am interested in is going over something another time with an advanced perspective and what you discover along that journey. I have learn a ton through my retracing. I'll be glad to put all the pieces together and see where this gets me.

This concept will be a beautiful end to the chapter I made on loss. Right now it basically ends in this semi-negative downer of a chapter. Now I am bookending that part with a more hopeful grasp of the subject. Last month I just added an intro to it that shows how the lotus symbolizes how something beautiful can grow out of suffering and unsatisfactoriness.