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What is the UI/UX Market like in 2024?

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I found many thought provoking videos on my chosen field the last couple months. It is good to get this perspective from people who spend more time on the business side of web design. I'll need to start thinking about it more as a business in 2024.

This list is a collection of talks on what others have to say about it. I would like to know others thoughts on this and wish I was still in some type of design community meet-ups where I could discuss this with others. There is some kind of UI show that comes through Seattle at least once a year. In the past I haven't made it there.

Why I planned on going before was to get an idea on the direction to go in. Now I have a pretty good idea where I am going. I almost have too much going on to need another thing to do. If someone else helps with my work then that could alleviate my load and advance what I am doing. Of course to find this person their schedule would have to be open and want to do it.

As I was writing this I came across a video on someone who says she deleted her social media to start a website. That isn't exactly what I did but I have cut social media usage way back. I just bring it up since this idea of transferring time of one service to another can make a huge change on the kind of output you make. It is possible to be much happier with your work.