I went to my High School to watch the play “Pippin.” The subject matter on the meaning of life was similar to the basic theme of this website which I was already deep into writing at that point. The lock-downs interrupted all of my college plans which were helping me find a renewed focus on life. This direction coupled with a lot of extra time to sit around the house and think set me off on my latest trajectory. In the 2000s I took up a part-time tutoring job at Nathan Hale in the Vision Impairment Program. A student started to lose his eye sight and needed some extra help with this new calamity that was thrust into his life. As I worked with him for many months one day he asked me about what life’s point was.

No one asked me that before. Sadly I couldn’t give him a very good answer at that time and would struggle with explaining that today. My approach as a new college grad was just to get through school and figure it all out later. Maybe larger questions like this should be thought out early on. I don’t just mean what you want to do for work but what you want to do for a living. Trevor Noah was talking about the work / life balance and said that it should be a life / life balance since work is a part of your life. Why do we have these hard distinctions between the different areas, they should work off one another.


“Oscar Wilde said that if you know

exactly what you want to be in life,

a teacher or a

grocer or a

judge or a


you will become that

as your punishment.

Actually not knowing what you want to be,

reinventing yourself every morning,

not being a noun but being a verb,

moving in life

not being fixed in life is a privilege.”

I have grown in several new areas I didn’t see myself entering a year ago. In college I dropped out of my long form writing classes. When I tried it again this year a longer work has started taking shape. Maybe this is the right season of life to try.

What I love is that it brings together other interests such as the web-design and animation I learned last Summer. I am reading a book now where the author mentioned four key skill-sets that made Mr. Rogers the person he turned out to be. It was through combining seemingly unrelated skills that he became the person we know. This advice has helped me get closer to where I think I should be in life. I titled this page February since it is the month of what I love to do. Hopefully a few others can say that they love to consume and or collaborate with me on projects like this. Somehow I got off track from doing what I really love and why at least I feel I am on this Earth.