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Putting this together was an incredible process of writing and web development. It is easily the largest project of my life. Some aspects of it go back six or more years. I never considered it would keep snowballing into what it is today. It is hard for me to overstate how appreciative I would be with anything you wanted to give at all!

I made one price suggestion $8 since I saw Elon was charging some Twitter users that amount. It seemed reasonable to me that this project could be priced the same as one month of Twitter. I'd bet I spent $500 on web tools and services and probably $1000 on stock art and countless hours of my life. This is my first try at crowdsourcing so I would just ask for patience as I find my way around how everything works! Even giving a dollar would mean a lot to me as I try to turn this from a long pro-bono labor of love to becoming a source of income.

The pandemic years have been a sea change for my life and career. As we move forward to normal life again I would like to work with collaborators to grow this project and keep the momentum going. I believe parts of it can help people. Again Thank You!

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