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    This chapter began with an explanation on how the lotus needed the mud to grow. While writing about the mud I was living through that very experience without even knowing it. New writings with a positive tone were taking shape and in such an abundance that would allow me to make a new site.

    A joy to put together it gave me great optimism for what it could become! I was thinking about that song Sunshower I grew up listening to. I am just now connecting it to the previous analogy. How nature ties the muck and downpour to the good parts of life and looking for that.

    Instead of the mud it is the rain that causes the flower to bloom. It’s funny… even the title of my previous article “June Bloom” I didn’t intend to lead this section. The extra word “Bloom” was there to just match the brown and green color scheme which needed at least two words. Naming the article after a month theme will be carried across my new site. I plan on making the following section a new site.

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    Though your garden's grey

    I know all your graces

    Someday will flower

    In a sweet sunshower.

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    The new site will will begin its naming theme with August and moves through the school seasons leading up to Summer. When I started it wasn’t clear that I would have enough to talk about all twelve months of the year.

    Maybe that says something about walking through hard issues and what that can do for someone who takes the time to do that. Make me think of the saying “the only way out is through.”