Career Opportunities

A helpful chat with a high school teacher from across the country.


In the Summer of 2023 I got the chance

to meet up with a local Epistemology YouTube channel and a few other followers in the SE community. One of those people was a teacher from Florida who talked to meet with us while he was here on vacation. Being a student myself who had dropped out of college as the pandemic began I really needed to have someone to bounce ideas off to figure exactly what steps to take next.

Years before that I also worked as a tutor at my old high school so we discuss that for a moment as well. Choosing to not pursue that direction is a discussion that bums to out to this day. Rather surprisingly (to me anyways) he didn't seem to think he could have chosen any other direction in his career. That is an idea I would love to explore if I interviewed a teacher again. Many of my high school teachers had interesting careers they did outside of school hours.

David from Sound Epistemology is doing a trip across the country

meeting with those that are interested in the practice and giving them a hand in learning it. Later this year David is going to meet up with this same teacher in Florida and when that happens I will also post that the remaining interviews on this page. I am really looking forward to the next meetup. I have always wondered how SE would work in the classroom environment. In an age where there is a shortage of teachers I have great curiosity how such a new way of learning could take place.

SE Trek Around the Country.

Visiting other practitioners from coast to coast.