I've been working on this blog for a year. The articles for it started in April 2023 not long after the main site came together. That allowed a good amount of time for it to grow.

With so many posts it might be easier to search for writings by category now. This is the reason I started writing here over a social site, you can search related articles easily.

Category: Ethics

What would have been my view from the auditorium we performed in.
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A Further Retreading that I Feel is Important

I brought up in a prior writing that I've been thinking more about the community I was raised in and their way of spreading beliefs. (The Hidden Process of Belief) At this same time I went back to this local high school to watch their games. This was a return to this building ...

Roosevelt High School Assembly Room
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The Value of Not Forcing a Conslusion

On the 30th I am going to a game at Roosevelt High School. This location that has historical significance to me. I performed in an assembly when I was a sophomore. The goal of these kind of assemblies was to tell the student congregation about the Gospel without actually telling them that is what they were talking about. In other words lead them ...

The Abundant Path
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Imagine an authentic meaning of the word
David Venegas the host of the Sound Epistemology channel also regularly asks his Facebook followers questions.

One of his inquiries was unique and got me thinking. "What’s the second most likely true religion and why?" Of course people ask what religion is most likely true and even the least likely true but which is the second ...