I've been working on this blog for a year. The articles for it started in April 2023 not long after the main site came together. That allowed a good amount of time for it to grow.

With so many posts it might be easier to search for writings by category now. This is the reason I started writing here over a social site, you can search related articles easily.

Category: Poetry

Hand drawn text which says inky
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I'm building up a long series of posts as this site has become more mature. This is the advantage of having a bit more free time. As the number of ideas as grown from my usual one post or two posts being written concurrently to ten articles I've had to think which subject matter do I want to prioritize.

There are many subjects that I could ...

Quill in Blue Ink
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How I see the two coming together

Each year there is a challenge put out to undergo writing one poem everyday during the month of April. I wrote about 25 as I write this article now in November. At first I stuck pretty close to my goal of one a day. That that did work well for some poems. What I found was that most needed to be re-written for them to work. Some re-writes spaced a ...

What do you see?
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Look Past What Others See

This year I started watching videos on Poetry before I attempted to write my own. One of my favorites was by Peter Dale Wimbrow. He states that no matter how much fame or acclaim is achieved you ultimately have to look at yourself in the mirror and determine what it is that success ultimately means. How often do we measure it by how many likes, views ...