Fresh Start of a New Blog.

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Like so many people I became worn out by social media. You may have remembered from the first article on the current state of the internet that I wrote about in this book. This blog is the platform I plan to use to replace most social accounts in 2023. This will be a way to free me from distractions and the annoyance of advertisements. My expectation is that writing a blog entry will be as productive as one of my journal writings in that I have nothing else to look at but my own set of thoughts. When I share a blog I just pick whatever social site is the most logical choice for that particular entry. Whether or not I have followers on that account isn’t such a big deal because all I need to do is pay for a boosted post to get my message out. I don’t need to put exorbitant amounts of time into growing a social account. If people become interested in one article chances are they might read the other pages as well.

When this first post goes up I am guessing this section may look a little rough and not be fully working. As I write this I am toggling back and forth between writing posts and hours of videos on to how to put them together. Learning how to do this took a bit longer than the other tools. There were over twenty videos explaining how use the blog tool. Usually there is a single video which is ten to fifteen minutes long to explain a it.

Its flexibility is cool! The way I set up it on one site can be completely different than the next. Getting that under my belt will mean I know a lot about almost all of the Foundry 2 tools. Perhaps I will make a site with Foundry 3 this year too and use this blog functionality in a different way. The basic tool I used to do this in 2020 didn’t provide all the functionality I needed. Three years later I am so glad to come across a solution that can do it well!