A street epistemology talk between Veronica and Alan

A Talk we had about the Importance of Online Community

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Last summer I participated in group talk between four people in the SE community. Half of that has now been posted. For the half that isn't online I thought it would be a good idea to process my thoughts here since there is no comment section on YouTube that is available to me to do that.

Allen Webster (Mr. 4th Programming) gave a talk with Veronica Viscuso about the importance of building a community online. This talk was notable because you will often hear the many reasons that scrolling or doomscrolling is bad on self improvement channels. This talk got me to think about my many websites which are all run entirely by myself and what I may be missing by making all of them that way.

I have the tools to add comments to my site but what held me back was all the headaches that would have ensued opening my main website up to anyone on the web. The Present Can Be 2020s often heavy focus on religion and politics would mean I would have to invest major amounts of time in comment sections that I simply don't have as a ridiculously understaffed web design outfit.

I am now considering adding comment sections to my up-coming websites. It should be an interesting experiment how that turns out. I hope that it brings the best of both worlds together (social media and website creation tools that give you more control.)