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What Should Pro-Life Actually Mean?

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David Venegas the host of the Sound Epistemology channel also regularly asks his Facebook followers questions.

One of his inquiries was unique and got me thinking. "What’s the second most likely true religion and why?" Of course people ask what religion is most likely true and even the least likely true but which is the second true? It is like asking who was the second man to walk on the moon or that is the way it sounds when it is first asked. Once you put more time into the thought itself I you start to see how significant the question is.

Something pushed the second truest religion from number one spot without it sliding all the way to the bottom. Because I grew up in a Christian household and had essential no serious push back from other religions trying to overthrow its dominance I just went along with whatever claims other Christians would make about the religions they see as false. I had no idea if they actually looked into those belief systems or just adopted whatever they heard the other Christians say, who in many cases also had not researched the topic.

I felt that it was worthy of explaining why Christianity, or our modern version of it, slid down the ranking list for me. My thought for writing this is to explain what I think can move it higher up if Christians were compelled to do so but in all likelihood will never happen as they are too entrenched in decades long propaganda and conditioning. Fixing this one spot would make the religion really appealing but it is having a massive branding problem and this is with the slogan “Pro-Life.”

Yes it is not an entirely Christian invention or relies fully on their upkeep. I have been in Pro-Life / Pro-Choice online groups where atheists were Pro-Life too but I think it is safe to say the movement is spearheaded by Christians. Sadly with all the problematic argumentation Christians have done with the term "Pro-Life" sometimes that slogan can really mean something and the other half the time who knows what it means . Unfortunately the term rarely lives up to the namesake or Jesus' purpose that he came so that others can have life and have it more abundantly. For this reason I couldn't put his religion in the number one spot.

We were talking about adoption when David and his video assistant Veronica stopped by. It is true that many of the times it doesn't work well. In my own experience I came across some notable exceptions. A friend that was adopted from Russia never wanted to talk about his upbringing living there which to me says his prior situation was much worse if he wouldn't even discuss it. His parents showed how their actions were inspired by Bible verses that lead them to use the money they earned from a business that did well to adopt three children to live with their other three blood offspring.

To me that is a much more pure example of truly being Pro-life. I was with a church group that built houses and gave needed supplies to hard working families which was only making a few dollars a day to support themselves. These are all outstanding examples of helping people live a fuller life. But for Pro-Life and to the larger extent Christianity to become worthy of even half the hype that is bestowed on it areas like these have to do far better. Otherwise you are not living. You are existing.

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