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Music that Helps Me Think about Where I am Headed

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Last night I went to a Pedro the Lion show. The song-writer spent some time talking about the next edition in his series on growing up albums. In this part of the story he is moving from Havasu, Arizona to Santa Cruz, CA which is the name of the next album, Santa Cruz. I was fortunate enough to hear one track called Modesto from it! The lyrics talk discovering new music and mentions someone telling him about Seattle. Modesto is a town near Santa Cruz.

His series of albums have been such an inspiration moving me to start a new site this Spring. Bringing the second half of this site to its own URL will help it do better on its own. Detaching it will make it more in-line with his Bazan's style of albums. This will be what that part of the site should have always been but I didn't realize it until I could spend a year playing with it.

I feel so much momentum as he tells his story and I make my own thoughts of my life alongside it. My part has its own uniqueness to it as well. How is my story different? Firstly I don't really see it being about me and those I directly associate with necessarily. A lot of it is about other people who are growing up in a similar experience or upbringing. If someone else has something to add that I feel fits that is perfectly fine and welcome for inclusion. It is more about the places and education I received being my personal autobiography.

Friday February 16th, 2024